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In 1985 I went on my first trip to Asia. After having completed the Annapurna circuit in Nepal I was hooked. Both on Asia and on travel.

Before going to Nepal I bought my first camera (a Pentax Program A). Since then I have always brought a camera. In later years the main objective on my travels has been to photograph.

Most of my working life I have been doing software development for companies here in Oslo (Norway) where I live. I have however managed to do some long distance traveling each year.

A couple of years ago I took 2-3 years off just to travel. Most of my trips have gone to Asia, but recently I have also made some trips to Africa. I keep coming back to both India and China. Areas with Tibetan culture and the Himalayas really fascinate me.


Kham and Amdo: Images from East Tibet

Vajraghanta: Images from the Buddhist Himalayas

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